Adapting Population Health Strategy in a Changing Environment

Guidehouse's Katherine Ziegler, hfma

Although the future of the Affordable Care Act and other regulations may be uncertain, certain strategies remain highly important for healthcare leaders to consider. In particular, major trends in health care point to the continued need for population health management.

Efforts to control healthcare spending have accelerated the move to a value-based system. As of January 2016, the government had transitioned 30 percent of Medicare payment to value-based models. And that transition can be expected to continue under the Trump administration, as its underlying aim of reducing the cost of health care while improving its quality has enjoyed broad bipartisan support.

Given that an industry focus on population health management is here to stay, healthcare organizations should seize opportunities to take population health management to another level, based on lessons learned from advanced adopters and the ways in which health care is evolving. Four strategies lay the foundation for healthcare organizations’ future success: 

  • Refocus the Clinical Strategy
  • Form Cross-Divisional Clinical Service Lines
  • Develop an Infrastructure that Supports Population Health Initiatives
  • Engage Patients and Families More Effectively
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