Bill or No Bill, Responsible Healthcare Solutions Remain Elusive

Guidehouse Advisor Jeff Goldsmith via HealthLeaders Media

Despite a high-profile effort and public failure, Republicans aren't finished with healthcare. Or, it might be said, healthcare isn't quite finished with Republicans. According to Guidehouse Advisor Jeff Goldsmith, "The core purpose of the failed bill was not to fix the problem of runaway healthcare costs, but simply undo the redistribution of income at the heart of the ACA, which itself was taking money from the wealthy and giving to the working poor in a clumsy way."

In some ways, managing a healthcare organization remains relatively simple amid the uncertainty. At least the road map is pretty well laid out. Providers will see diminished cash flow, resulting in the need for a continued increased focus on efficiency.

Obamacare does need some changes to avoid longer-term ills that include exploding federal deficits in an economic recession that is sure to come at some point. The hundred-billion-dollar-plus annual outlays for the as-yet un-repealed and un-replaced Affordable Care Act pales by comparison to the trillion dollars a year currently spent on Medicare and Medicaid, which represent an existential threat to the U.S. economy.

Jeff Goldsmith
Guidehouse Advisor via HealthLeaders Media

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