To Profit from Uncertainty, Health Enterprises Must Become Anti-Fragile

Guidehouse Advisor Jeff Goldsmith provides guest commentary via Modern Healthcare

It is difficult for healthcare managers to watch the political struggles in Washington over the fate of the Affordable Care Act and not worry about the potential damage to their organizations. What can healthcare managers do to fortify themselves against potential non-incremental change in federal health policy that exposes them to financial hardship?

Guidehouse Advisor Jeff Goldsmith suggests how providers can prepare for the unknown in a Modern Healthcare opinion piece.

While he did not explicitly address hospital systems or health insurers in his book, [Nassim] Taleb argued that scale and the search for security in the corporate and financial world actually increased those institutions' fragility and exposure to franchise risk. The reciprocal drive of health delivery systems and health insurers to become larger and more 'unavoidable' may, ironically, have made them more, rather than less, vulnerable to economic shocks.

Jeff Goldsmith
Guidehouse Advisor

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