Medicare Bundled Payment Success: Baptist Health System

JAMA Internal Medicine - January 2017

Bundled payments – single, fixed payments for services by 2+ providers during an episode of care – present an opportunity to incentivize providers for care quality, efficiency, and coordination improvements.  

JAMA/Penn Medicine Peer-Review: Baptist Health System Bundling Outcomes (July 2008 - June 2015)

Peer-reviewed research published in JAMA Internal Medicine details how Medicare bundling participant Baptist Health System achieved replicable hospital, post-acute, and Medicare savings - without compromising quality. 


The industry-first research concludes that providers with or without bundling experience could immediately apply Baptist’s strategies, which were implemented in partnership with Guidehouse, to drive care delivery improvements.


  • Healthcare lacks an evidence-based blueprint for joint replacement bundled payment care design.
  • New Penn Medicine peer-reviewed research provides an unprecedented look into where joint replacement bundling savings come from and what future bundling participants could set as aspirational targets.
  • These strategies - developed in partnership with Guidehouse - can be implemented immediately with or without bundling experience to guide Medicare, commercial payer and provider bundling savings.
  • This study offers guidance for providers, payers and a new administration considering decisions that will impact the health of patients and communities nationwide.

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