In a Top-Heavy EHR Market, Optimization Becomes the Focus

Guidehouse's James McHugh in Healthcare Informatics

Consolidation in the electronic health record (EHR) market is forcing many vendors to exit the space. Now, the onus is on those remaining vendors to make sure their products streamline processes and improve the user experience.

Many providers struggle with EHR installs because they don’t prioritize operational requirements and financial risks early and often, says Guidehouse’s James McHugh in Healthcare Informatics. EHRs “are very complex systems…and they have to be customized, so this represents a huge disruption to the revenue cycle. Someone needs to manage that and mitigate the financial risk associated with the install.”

McHugh adds that the top EHR vendors are now providing resources on the back end for their installs for remediation or even outsourcing of key revenue cycle functions. “So this is a signal that the industry is starting to accept poor implementations.”

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