The Rust Belt is Burning: Republicans Lay Waste to Their Base on Health Reform

Guidehouse Advisor Jeff Goldsmith, The Health Care Blog

William Tecumseh Sherman, who laid waste to the South at the end of the Civil War, famously said, “War is Hell.” So, too, is health reform. And like Sherman’s infamous March to the Sea, where he burned town after Confederate town, the Republican War on ObamaCare entered its attrition phase with the introduction of a bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare, writes Guidehouse’s Jeff Goldsmith at The Health Care Blog. Except that Paul Ryan is marching in the wrong direction; his troops are marching “north” and burning towns behind their own lines, says Goldsmith.

The bill lays waste to President Trump’s electoral base – Baby Boom vintage working class white voters in Appalachia and the Rust belt. As many as 5-7 million of whom got coverage from ObamaCare. The median age of a Trump voter is 57, and they came from counties with serious underlying health problems. These working class Trump voters get clobbered by Ryan’s bill.

Jeff Goldsmith, Guidehouse Advisor

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