Envisioning End-of-Life Care Delivery

Guidehouse On Healthcare Podcast Series

In this podcast, we explore the sensitive topic of end-of-life care delivery as it relates to the provider, as well as the vital relationship between provider and consumer. Guidehouse surveyed 150 individuals in its healthcare practice to gain insight around people's understanding of end-of-life care and discuss the topic and the survey results more broadly with the following subject matter experts, Guidehouse Director Katherine Ziegler, Guidehouse Director Dr. Christopher Stanley, and Dr. James Bulot. This episode features the unique perspectives survey participants shared about care decisions and the value of quality vs. quantity, knowing that providers strive to offer each patient supportive care and services and approaches that make someone's life better, whether it's short or long.

Also discussed is the evolution to value-based care and what impact that has on prioritizing quality of life and the delivery of services in a way that enhances quality of life. Among the challenges addressed by the panel are the difficult conversations sometimes required with providers caring for end-of-life patients. Most importantly, they tackle the importance of patients communicating with family when they are healthy so there are no regrets and family members experience less stress with end-of-life decisions. 


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