Healthcare Executive Interview Series - Trends in Academic Medicine

With Former Academic Health System CEO Dan DeBehnke, MD

From a market perspective, not only are academic health systems struggling to maneuver the financial and clinical obstacles that all health systems are facing, they also need to overcome challenges unique to the academic health system operating model.

In this Guidehouse Healthcare Executive Interview Series installment, Guidehouse Managing Director Dan DeBehnke, MD, a former academic health system CEO, discusses the challenges that academic systems are facing, especially with the rise of consumerism and the move to value-based reimbursement, and what they can do to address them. 

“I learned from my time (as CEO) at Nebraska Medicine that…it’s great to be fast and nimble in your decision-making, but you better have the right strategy in place to ensure you’re heading in the right direction,” Dr. DeBehnke suggests.

Dr. DeBehnke offers additional insights from his career as an academic health system leader, including lessons learned as a former consumer of healthcare consulting services on essential components of a positive partnership. 

“Implementation is the hardest part of any solution and understanding what is necessary to execute is imperative,” he says. “A partner who is willing to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and work side-by-side with the front-line staff in implementation is a partner for life.”

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