The Complex New Product Launch Challenges Facing Medtech Companies

Podcast with Mike Fix and Ross Meisner

In this Guidehouse On Healthcare podcast episode, Guidehouse Life Sciences Managing Director Ross Meisner and Director Mike Fix address the incredibly complex challenges that medtech companies face when bringing new technologies to market.

Our experts discuss important issues, such as the reasons why startup organizations should start small and stay focused, how companies can drive adoption, and how unlocking adoption differs across various segments of the industry. According to Fix, “…when you’re looking to start something new, the question is, where to do that, how are you going to have them change their experience from something they’ve been comfortable doing, and doing for a long time?”

They also talk about the obstacles medtech companies run up against when facing adoption, how to avoid them, and the real-world common pitfalls often faced by companies when they’re working to bring new technologies to the market.

According to Meisner, “In the end, these companies are going to spend tens of millions of dollars on technology, R&D, clinical work, the regulatory and reimbursement process, and the sales and marketing effort. Making sure that all those dollars are being invested down the right path and pursuing the right commercial market opportunity — that’s essential.”

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