Even Deep in COVID-19 Crisis, Start Planning Now For What Follows

Rulon Stacey and Jiban Khuntia, Modern Healthcare

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Although health systems are in deep crisis mode responding to COVID-19, healthcare leaders need to start now to prepare for the post-COVID-19 era, write Rulon Stacey, Guidehouse partner and director of programs in health administration at the University of Colorado at Denver, and Jiban Khuntia, Ph.D., assistant professor of information systems and director of the Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado at Denver Business School.

As the authors suggest, “Eventually, the country will come through this crisis and we believe that organizations that start now to prepare, while not sacrificing the current mandate to provide all the immediate care, will be better positioned. To that end, we suggest three priorities for healthcare leaders to prepare for the post-COVID-19 landscape.”

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