Preparing for Resumption of Elective Surgeries: Let the Floodgates Open

Most hospitals stopped elective procedures in response to COVID19, impacting patients who have been left untreated and greatly diminishing hospital revenues. Moving forward into a recovery phase, it will be essential to have a strategic, resourceful, and data-driven plan to keep patients safe and increase procedure volumes.

As the first wave of this pandemic wanes, the pent-up patient demand for surgical and procedural care appears to be vast. Health care organizations must be prepared to effectively respond to this demand. Facility readiness to resume elective surgery will vary by geographic location and may be fluid as ORs ramp-up in an active COVID environment.

In order to prioritize and sequence the ramp up of procedures, identifying key service lines and patient subpopulations being treated within those service lines will be critical.

In this webinar, we will walk through the key issues and potential solutions, and answer your questions related to this next phase. During the session we’ll cover:

  • Preemptively identifying resource limitations such as PPE, testing supplies or sedative medications;
  • Facilitating a strategy to address scheduling and throughput; and
  • Managing physician and staff availability due to illness, reassignment and furloughs.

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