Digital Health in the Post-COVID-19 New Reality: From Telehealth to a Comprehensive Digital Care Strategy

On-Demand Webinar with Cone Health’s Mary Jo Cagle, MD

For hospitals and health systems, a comprehensive digital strategy is a foundational requirement in the post-COVID world. An essential place to start is the use of telehealth, which has dramatically increased through COVID via suspension of regulatory barriers, more beneficial reimbursement models, increased start-up funding, and rapid shifts in access. But telehealth is only one piece of the broader digital health strategy that providers need to develop, expand, and embrace.

In this webinar, Cone Health COO Mary Jo Cagle, MD, and Guidehouse Partner David Burik discuss:

  • The changing digital health business model
  • The shift to virtual care and the impact on organizational strategy
  • Proactive measures to thrive in the post-COVID business environment

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