Main Line Health Saves $120 Million in Two Years by Creating a Collaborative Culture

Transformational care improvement initiative focused on quality, safety, financial performance and equitable care delivery

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Main Line Health, a not-for-profit health system serving areas of Philadelphia and its western suburbs, launched an initiative, called “Performance Excellence 2020,” aimed at achieving breakthrough organizational performance on population health and clinical outcomes, to help pave the way for financial success under value-based payment models.

Main Line recognized it needed to take proactive measures to ensure expenses under such models would not grow faster than revenues. The health system also understood its financial and performance-quality goals would be out of reach if clinicians and other stakeholders were not engaged in the effort. Success would depend on shared commitment to transforming processes, with a focus on improving quality and revenue performance while avoiding excess cost.

The primary objective of the initiative was to foster organization-wide commitment to:

  • Eliminate disparities and preventable harm while achieving top-decile results around quality and performance
  • Reduce costs through more informed operational decisions
  • Improve the patient and employee experience

Over a two-year period, Main Line Health’s clinical, physician and administrative leadership teams collaborated on initiatives with various objectives, including:

  • Clinical transformation
  • Improvements in corporate services
  • Physician enterprise contracting and operational improvements
  • Workforce transformation, including improving productivity

As a result, the health system was able to improve financial operations by $121 million, with $59 million resulting from clinical enhancements. Main Line Health’s experience in driving transformational care improvement, particularly in the ICU, is a powerful example of how a health system can benefit from reimagining its approach to engaging physicians.

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