Alicia Harkness on Diversity-Added Value to Providing Government Services

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Born and raised by the Beltway in the land of government contracting, Alicia Harkness was no stranger to the industry — and jumped into the world of consulting before even graduating from college.

Harkness is a founding partner of Guidehouse, where she now leads the firm’s health segment to include the public health and commercial health care leadership roles. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the firm isn’t far from Rockville, Maryland, where Harkness grew up. 

Diversity is Key

As the firm’s diversity leader, Harkness has helped create a program that builds awareness and fosters professional development; attracts and retains diverse talent; and develops relationships to ensure diversity in its many forms is understood and that perspectives are valued.

The program also ensures Guidehouse has a diverse workforce and can address its clients’ needs through that diversity in perspectives and experiences.

“All of those things are really a competitive advantage in the marketplace, bringing a diverse team,” Harkness said.

She believes Guidehouse’s success will continue to be driven by a diverse workforce, as the firm has created and continues to create employee networks that help facilitate inclusion and diversity.

“It’s the power of our differences that enable innovation,” Harkness said.

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