Opportunities for Payer-Provider Collaboration

Guidehouse experts share strategies for optimal payer-provider arrangements in this video from the AHIP Institute & Expo Online 2021.

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In this AHIP Institute & Expo Online 2021 session, Guidehouse experts reveal where the industry stands in the face of future disruption, including where opportunities for risk-sharing are emerging and how organizations can capitalize on them.

Payer-provider partnerships are accelerating, and disruptors are taking advantage of risk-sharing relationships and rewards.

Collaborative payer and provider arrangements that save Medicare money, improve performance on quality metrics, and reduce administrative burdens will be rewarded with more robust and predictable bonuses and members. Taking steps toward shared risk will make your organization a more attractive candidate for successful payer and provider partnerships—and a better bet for sustained financial performance and membership growth.

View the full AHIP session here: Opportunities for Payer-Provider Collaboration.

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