Advancing Government Data Modernization Strategies

Donna Knutson joins Keeping IT Brief to discuss how all levels of the government can work with commercial businesses to define, collect, and analyze health data.

In this episode of FedHealthIT’s Keeping IT Brief podcast, Donna Knutson, PhD, discusses the data modernization strategies that need to be prioritized in order to deliver actionable insights that support health officials in communicating effectively with the public. 

Knutson lays out three keys to advancing government data modernization strategies:

  1. A transparent, methods-based approach to data entry, submission, collection, quality control, and evaluation.
  2. Long-term investments in interoperable data from healthcare to public health settings to deliver rapid accessible, real-time, and predictive insights.
  3. New roles in the public health workforce, including data scientists at federal, local, state, and tribal agencies. 

Lack of accurate, real-time information has been one of the greatest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to the full episode to hear the issues public agency leaders are thinking about to make sure they’re providing meaningful and actionable information.

Listen to the podcast 

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