Care at Home: Solving Capacity, Market, and Workforce Challenges

A comprehensive and integrated care-at-home strategy is key to improving capacity and access issues, managing cost and market pressures, and navigating operational and workforce challenges.

While healthcare providers are increasingly developing and implementing care-at-home initiatives, efforts have been siloed. The care-at-home point of view for hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers is becoming increasingly clear. Multiple pain points are driving toward adoption of a more comprehensive care-at-home strategy, which can improve clinical, financial, and operational challenges. It can also provide better, more accessible care experiences.

In this white paper, Guidehouse and Current Health, a Best Buy Health company, provide guidance on building an enterprise strategy for care at home. A comprehensive care-at-home strategy spans a spectrum of innovative virtual and hybrid care delivery models—including remote monitoring for chronic conditions and in-home services that may have traditionally been delivered within facilities. In an increasingly complex market, the flexibility of care-at-home strategies to pursue a variety of goals provides healthcare leaders with a powerful tool for safeguarding today’s care delivery models while building toward the healthcare we want tomorrow.


Download the White Paper


Download the white paper for examples from Atrium Health, Keck Medicine of USC (University of Southern California), Geisinger Health, Palomar Health, and more. It discusses:


  • Consumer demand for at-home care
  • Types of care-at-home models
  • Drivers toward a comprehensive care-at-home strategy
  • Advantages for hospitals, health systems, and other providers
  • Ideal candidates for care-at-home strategies
  • How to make the care-at-home business case


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