What Should Pharma Be Doing Right Now About the HHS Proposal to Effectively Curtail PBM Rebates?

Kuo Tong, Relentless Health Value Podcast

In this episode of the Relentless Health Value podcast, Kuo Tong, managing director in Guidehouse’s life sciences practice, discusses the impact of Health and Human Services’ (HHS’) proposal to nix pharma’s ability to pay pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) rebates.

The podcast also focuses on how pharma company interactions with and reimbursement from payers would change under HHS’ proposed rule and what companies need to know and do now to improve the odds of a smooth transition into a new contracting model. Additional topics covered include how HHS can better market pharmaceutical results, whether justifying drug prices would change company behavior, Medicare Part D and Medicaid benefits, how to make life science purchasing a win-win for stakeholders, new contracting models that are on the rise, and if specialty and rare disease drugs are the future of pharma.

Relentless Health Value is a podcast for payer and provider leaders, as well as pharmaceutical, medical device, patient advocacy, and other healthcare organizations. The podcast's mission is to help transform healthcare by fostering collaboration and breaking down silos. The panel of expert guests connects listeners with healthcare leaders trying to achieve the quadruple aim of improving population health and the patient and provider experience while managing costs effectively.

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