A Moving Target: Adapting Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies to the COVID-19 Era

Katie Norris & Casey Horton, KENX Webinar

Dynamic Risk Assessment and Mitigation Programs (“RAMP”) are a hallmark of effective compliance programs at life sciences companies. In an industry that has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 on many fronts, so has the approach to risk assessment and mitigation.

In this webinar, Guidehouse speakers discuss evolving strategies to identify and assess known and novel risk factors as we rise to meet the challenges of today’s world.

Additionally, this webinar examines best-in-class in compliance risk monitoring techniques fit for the virtual environment using accessible, impactful technologies to heighten insights surrounding commercial and medical interactions with customers, patients, and other third parties. At a time when field-based monitoring activities are increasingly constrained, gaining access to these insights through efficient use of advanced technology has never been more important for compliance executives.


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