Designing Patient Services Programs

Casey Horton, Dana Edwards, Article

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Launching a product soon? Here's how to think about strategy and design for your patient services program.

Setting up patient services programs is a critical endeavor that can help make or break a product launch and the ongoing success of a product during “normal” times. In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic and increasingly uncertain coverage scenarios, the role of hub services is even more critical for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to ensure patient access to therapy and to help patients navigate the healthcare system.

When well-designed, these programs tailor services to make it easier for patients to learn about and receive appropriate care, with services that may include disease state education, support for understanding insurance coverage and financial assistance for those in need.

Understanding no one-size-fits-all template for patient services programs exists, this article provides best-practice guidance on choosing your support service model, as well as design and implementation strategies.

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