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Observations from US Federal Agencies’ Responses to COVID-19

The rapid evolution of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic sent shock waves throughout the American workforce. This unprecedented health crisis required swift responses from organizations nationwide, and the U.S. federal government was no exception. As the crisis unfolded, federal agencies scrambled to determine alternative work solutions and to continue unclassified operations in a remote environment. Many government organizations were ill-equipped and unprepared, with few to no contingency plans established to enable operations outside a government facility.

In this article for Trajectory, The Official Magazine of USGIF, Guidehouse experts explore key themes that played a pivotal role in the response of various federal agencies to COVID-19. The team illustrates examples from their observations of various intelligence community (IC) agencies’ COVID-19 responses and open-source research. The key themes focus on leadership, telework preparedness, communications, and systems and processes. Through examination of these themes, federal agencies can implement processes to acclimate and strengthen their workforce and maximize operational productivity during future crises.


  • Stacie Boyle
  • Victoria Hall
  • Marco Kilongkilong
  • Elyse Ping Medvigy
  • Jeff Weinhofer
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