Recruiting for Cyber in the National Security Sector

Guidehouse and American University Speaker Series

Highlights from Guidehouse and American University's webinar and podcast series, “Recruiting for Cyber in the National Security Sector – Reaching the Best Candidates through Non-Conventional Pathways.”

Panelists from the NSA, CISA, State Department, and the Cyberspace Solarium Commission led a conversation on developing pathways for recruitment that promote diversity and go beyond conventional circles to reach the best talent.  

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  •  Alicia Backous, Director at Guidehouse National Security


  • Lynne Clark, Deputy Chief, Center for Education, Innovation and Outreach, National Cryptologic School, NSA
  • Laura K. Bate,  Director of Cyber Engagement, Cyberspace Solarium Commission
  • Richard Driggers,  Deputy Assistant Director for Cybersecurity and Communications, CISA
  • Ken Rogers, Director, Strategic Planning Office, State Department


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