SOS Space: Why Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Risk Management Must Go Hand in Hand

SpaceNews Op-Ed

Authored by: Dan Lewis, Megan Moloney, and Nicole Ussery 

The space domain is highly susceptible to cyber-enabled supply chain attacks due to uniqueness, longevity, and commercialization of the space supply chain. Integrated cybersecurity and supply chain integrity are essential to maintain U.S. dominance in space. Our adversaries are keenly aware of and will continue to exploit existing weaknesses. Cyber-enabled supply chain attacks on space assets are part of their strategy to gain economic, military, and strategic advantage in the future. To meet the breadth and speed of that threat, government and commercial space entities must act quickly to integrate and elevate cybersecurity and supply chain risk management into space strategy, design, construction, and operation; prioritize resiliency; mature supply chain risk management programs; and collaborate with intention.

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