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Transitions in the National Security Sector: Implementing Change that Lasts

National security professionals know that creating enduring impact requires more than issuing policy memorandums. Successful leaders utilize the “machinery of government” to work on their behalf, rather than trying to go around it. They value informed deliberation of courses of action, identifying and collaborating with career officials who can effectively translate a policy goal or outcome into operational reality. They also engage key partners and stakeholders, effectively align interests and activity, and create important feedback mechanisms. 

At Guidehouse, we have seen government leaders use certain methods to produce the culture change needed to achieve these important outcomes. Effective use of the following three methods stood out as critical to implementing lasting change:

  • Utilizing meaningful decision-making structures
  • Incentivizing innovation
  • Measuring progress towards outcomes

Explore insights from experienced federal leaders and change management experts on these methods and other related topics. 


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