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Supporting State and Local Government Clients Through COVID-19

Guidehouse's State and Local COVID-19 Resource Center

Guidehouse’s COVID-19 Economic Revitalization Strategy Services

COVID-19 has been the most profound shock to the global economy in 300 years. In the United States, GDP has declined at a rate never seen before. In counties and cities across the nation, stores have shuttered, production lines have slowed, and jobs have been lost, many permanently. COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of our economy and our underlying inequalities.

As vaccines roll out, state and local governments are beginning to think about the actions that they can take to rebuild and revitalize their local economies—and do so in a way that is sustainable and equitable. Guidehouse has been working with a number of states, counties, and cities to reformulate their economic visions for the post-COVID future, lean into new opportunities, develop ecosystem-wide strategies to channel efforts, and design practical programs for businesses to reopen and people to get back to work.

Projecting Lost Revenue
COVID-19 Responses for States, Counties, Cities, and Mobility Agencies.
Understanding Title IV of the CARES Act
Guidance for companies and other entities seeking financial stabilization
CARES Act: Implications for Cities and States
On March 27, 2020, the federal government enacted the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act, a more than $2 trillion relief package, that provides money for states, funds for impacted businesses, and direct payments and jobless benefits for constituents in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The American Rescue Plan

Underscoring programs crucial for state and local governments and key considerations for using these federal funds.

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Guidehouse’s COVID-19 Funding Strategy

In response to the needs of states and municipalities, Guidehouse has created an approach to ensure you can compliantly get money to the people and businesses that need it the most. We have a suite of applicable tools and technologies developed by our experts on integrity monitoring and federal grant compliance that are currently being utilized by nearly two dozen governments and more than 40 healthcare systems, representing more than 400 hospitals in their deployment of Coronavirus Relief Fund financial assistance and other CARES Act grant funding streams. Based on our experience with, and in-depth understanding of, federal grant requirements, we are able to expeditiously navigate what can be a cumbersome, document-heavy process by utilizing tested tools and techniques to help your team move as quickly as possible.

The COVID-19 Response and the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021
Implications of the Appropriations Act for State and Local Entities.
Program Management in a Crisis
How government agencies can navigate the COVID-19.
Strategic Opportunities for State and Local Government Agencies
Facing an uncertain future during COVID-19.
Vaccine Funding for States
Updates based on the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act.
The American Rescue Plan
Underscoring programs crucial for state and local governments and key considerations for using these federal funds.

Guidehouse’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force

With COVID-19 vaccines now being distributed, the US faces the challenge of the largest immunization program in its history. In a context of fragmentation between federal, state, and local governments, healthcare provider networks, and the storage and logistical requirements of safe vaccine delivery, that challenge is made even more acute.

Guidehouse can help state governments distill the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, together with that of other public health agencies, to assist in rapidly turning vaccines into vaccinations. We can contribute toward an equitable vaccine distribution effort, and supporting public communication plan, that helps to instill public confidence.

Our capabilities range from standing up a centralized coordination hub to wrangle the various components of the public and private sectors together, to providing the technology support to allow states to register and monitor vaccination uptake in real time.

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