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Supporting State and Local Government Clients Through COVID-19

Guidehouse's State and Local COVID-19 Resource Center

As state and local governments navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, our communities are transforming, presenting new opportunities and challenges. Since the early days of the pandemic, Guidehouse has worked with state and local governments across the country to ensure federal funding is expediently and properly spent. With so many needs and so much fiscal stress in state and local governments, we know that governments around the country desperately need emergency federal funding. However, due to the continually evolving federal guidance and general restrictions around federal money, it can be a true operational challenge to quickly get funding to the places and people who need it. Navigating compliance requirements, ensuring that there is no duplication of benefits across other various funding streams, and distributing that money can be a difficult task for local government employees who are already providing heroic levels of service during such trying times.

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