COVID-19 Vaccine Management Technology Solution

Our COVID-19 vaccine management solution helps mobilize a quick and efficient response.

The global COVID-19 pandemic presents the largest immunization and vaccination challenge our nation has ever faced. The final step—administering the vaccine to millions of people in an equitable and timely manner—is the responsibility of state and local governments. This enormous undertaking requires speed, accuracy, and precision—and a user-centric management solution that simplifies record-keeping, provides real-time data access, and coordinates recipient and vaccine inventory information.

Vaccine Management Solution Features

Guidehouse COVID-19 specialists have developed a vaccination management technology solution that addresses these key challenges. Our integrated vaccine management technology solution offers the following features critical to your COVID-19 vaccination efforts:

  • Appointment scheduling (including booster vaccinations)
  • Clinical vaccine administration
  • Outcomes monitoring
  • Vaccination site management
  • Inventory management
  • Communications, notifications, and public outreach

Our solution prioritizes the needs and concerns of each type of user who will interact with the system, addressing their most pressing questions:

The Vaccine Recipient

  • When can I get vaccinated?
  • What appointments are available locally for the first shot and booster shot?
  • What do I do if I have side effects?
  • I only have a smartphone; can I still make an appointment?
  • Can I speak to a live person to get more information and help setting up an appointment?

The Vaccine Administrator

  • Is this the right vaccine recipient and do they meet eligibility assessment requirements?
  • I have a lot of paperwork and forms to complete; can the system prepopulate this information?
  • Different vaccines have different protocols; can the system match the protocols to the vaccine and recipient?
  • I need to be sure that I’m administering the right booster vaccine to the right recipient; can the system perform checks such as these?
  • We have a lot of vaccination stations and the space is cramped—sometimes just a chair and a small table. Can I use a tablet instead of a laptop?

The Vaccine Site Manager

  • Will I have enough vaccines at each site, based on appointments? I can only accept appointments if I have inventory.
  • If I need to move inventory, will the system tell me, or do I need to figure it out on my own? From time to time, I need to reallocate inventory between vaccination sites.
  • Do we have any side-effect hot spots?
  • Can I manage my inventory in one place or do I need to access several systems?

The State or Local Government Official

  • Will we have a common communication platform or web portal where we can direct our citizens?
  • Will the platform have the flexibility to provide various types of information to the general public, registered recipients, administrators, and managers?
  • Will we have the reports we need on vaccine usage, inventory levels, and reported side effects? Is upload input to national vaccine registries available?

The cloud-based technology solution takes a user-centric approach to these questions:

  • Relevant information and required actions are presented when a user logs in.
  • Mobile-enabled means less typing and more selecting.
  • QR codes and bar codes speed up the vaccination administration check-in process, minimize forms, and limit close contact.
  • Step-by-step protocols guide the vaccine administrator—ensuring proper procedure.
  • Dynamic dashboards provide insight and actions, while taking the worry out of information overload and misunderstandings.

And because it’s mobile-enabled, information is available onsite, at the field office, at the call center, or wherever you need it.

Our public health, state, and local government experts have the insight to guide you through the configuration and deployment process.

Contact us or visit the Guidehouse COVID-19 State & Local Resource page for additional information.

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