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Helping State and Local Governments Navigate the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Your Trusted Guide for Outwitting the Complexities of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Via the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), state and local governments will receive a variety of federally funded grants – both formula and competitive, for which they will need to develop applications. These funds will allow state and local government to design creative solutions to some of their most pressing infrastructure priorities.

Grant recipients can use funds to:

State and local governments should develop strategies to align the available funding to their most pressing priorities.

Future-Proofed: Protecting Infrastructure in Uncertain Times

How strategic investment can build infrastructure resilience and maintain physical, social, and economic viability.

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Challenges of Leveraging the BIL

The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act has not only produced new funding programs but has also increased funding opportunities for existing infrastructure programs.

The complex relationship between new and existing programs can complicate a state and local government’s ability to:

Increased federal funding comes with increased responsibilities. State and local governments can benefit from collaborating with a strategic partner with the background and expertise necessary to address these challenges head on.

How Guidehouse Can Help

Guidehouse is a leader in grants strategy, management, and compliance activities for state and local governments. With more than 40 state and local grants strategy/management clients around the country, we bring skilled experts and technology solutions that help state and local governments optimize their use of federal funds.

These include:

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