International Comparative Analysis of Support Schemes for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Guidehouse evaluates national support schemes in Switzerland and Europe

Guidehouse has evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of different national support programs in Switzerland and other European countries. On behalf of the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO), Guidehouse analyzed four support schemes for electricity efficiency and renewable energy - both with and without an auction mechanism.

With regards to the savings achieved, the two programs compared in Germany and Switzerland are roughly similar in size. The estimated expected electricity savings from the cross-sector technologies program in Germany and from ProKilowatt in Switzerland are roughly comparable (367 GWh / a vs. 412 GWh / a). On the other hand, the renewables support schemes differed more in size, with 308.8 GWh/a of PV power generation in Switzerland and 7.100 GWh/a of generation funded through SDE+ in the Netherlands.

A direct comparison of the support efficiency of the programs is only possible to a limited extent, and subject to uncertainties regarding the operating periods and electricity price development. Overall, however, the efficiency of the electricity efficiency programs was generally higher than that of the renewable energy programs, regardless of whether the program was designed with or without an auction mechanism.

It thus became clear that auction schemes would not always ensure a viable competition and reduce the costs of funding.

In the report, the experts also identified the six most relevant factors that influence the effectiveness and efficiency of current support programs.

Download the evaluation report (in German).

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