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We’re a new type of consultancy: one that merges global scale and decades of UK experience with a fully integrated team model that spans both commercial and public sectors. We provide a comprehensive range of advisory, digital, and managed services to help our clients navigate and outsmart today’s most complex challenges.

With a culture steeped in collaboration and an innovation-first mindset, we’re purpose-built to expedite transformation and deliver enhanced value by designing, building, and operating bespoke solutions that bring enduring change for our clients and communities worldwide.


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  • 16K+ Diverse Employees

    5 Generations, 4 Continents
  • 50+ Offices Worldwide

    Majority with 100% Renewable Electricity

Industries We Serve

Defence & Security link-arrow

Our solutions are tailored for the UK defence environment and backed by a proven track record. We support mission-critical projects for diplomatic, intelligence, law enforcement, and defence agencies by utilising effective, sustainable methodologies in mission optimisation, technology modernisation, and financial management that empower them to compete, deter, and win.

Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure link-arrow

As the challenges of climate change are felt across industries, navigating the energy transition demands a partner with a global approach and a market-specific viewpoint. We work closely with public agencies, large enterprises, and energy providers to deliver advisory, strategy, compliance, and implementation solutions that build resilient communities and infrastructure and shape a path towards lasting change.

Financial Services link-arrow

Anchored by a Financial Crime, Fraud & Investigative Services practice that is a recognised member of PRA and FCA’s Skilled Persons Panel, we collaborate across sectors to support a range of financial issues disrupting traditional markets. Our work spans industries in high-risk areas such as trade finance, trade-based money laundering, digital currency, and sanctions evasion to help organisations navigate the complexities of the UK regulatory environment. 

Life Sciences link-arrow

Within Guidehouse’s global Health practice, our UK Life Sciences Team partners with biopharmaceutical manufacturers and investors to ignite and sustain transformation. We focus on global commercial strategy and operations, market access, and business redesign to enhance the value of products and drive transformation for providers, payers, life sciences companies, and public health agencies.

Our Services

Data, Analytics & Intelligence link-arrow

As data and IT ecosystems become increasingly complex, we work closely with organisations to identify and maximise opportunities for integrated data intelligence to advance their business objectives while minimising risk.

Digital & Technology link-arrow

We are a strategic partner to organisations navigating the escalating impact of technology on all aspects of their operations. By helping them anticipate the future, we empower them to achieve better outcomes and accelerate modernisation.

Finance link-arrow

Amidst evolving legislative requirements in the UK, we provide solutions that improve processes, efficiency, and reporting, organisations clients to adapt, compete and push back against rising costs and shrinking margins.

Growth Acceleration link-arrow

With extensive experience in organisational transformation, we help clients unlock growth opportunities that range from developing new markets and lines of business to achieving scale, capitalising on strategic partnerships, and more.

Managed Services link-arrow

With state-of-the-art technology and award-winning global team of both onshore and offshore experts, we provide specialised 24/7 support, customised to the individual needs of organisation.

Mission Support link-arrow

We provide expertise in identifying, planning, and operationalising a roadmap for the future that meets mission requirements and, measure our clients’ progress towards lasting, transformational success.

Operations link-arrow

Innovation in the face of volatility demands expertise in process engineering and organisational design. We help clients respond to change by simplifying and streamlining operations to stay on course towards achieving their overall business goals.

People & Organisation link-arrow

As workforce engagement continues to undergo fundamental transformation, we collaborate with organisations across the UK to shape and implement innovative, people-centred solutions that optimise efficiency and adapt to future demands.

Risk, Regulatory & Compliance link-arrow

Against an ever-changing landscape, we provide expertise in framework assessment, remediation, investigation, and compliance to guide clients through the complexities of UK regulations, prevent illicit and illegal behaviour, and help mitigate risk.

Sustainability link-arrow

Responding to the impacts of climate change is an effort that spans all sectors and industries. We help organisations develop holistic strategies to meet the challenge and support them in implementing initiatives tailored to their specific objectives.

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We see complexity as an opportunity. To embrace new perspectives. Forge a different path forward. And shape the future with our clients to deliver lasting impact.

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