Transforming Challenges
into Opportunities

Implementing, integrating and managing future technology systems require significant expenditures of time, money and human resources. Guidehouse helps navigate the waves of disruption to transform these challenges into opportunities; empowering the success of your agency today, tomorrow and for years to come.


Fuel For The Future

Your mission is laden with a broad set of goals. Really though, they’re all centered around creating a future that’s better for people. Whether it’s enriching the lives of citizens your organization serves, or the people that serve your organization; technology opens the door to a world once never thought possible. Enabling more efficient delivery of services, more effective communication and more environmentally sustainable outcomes.

At Guidehouse, our experts provide comprehensive technology solutions that are precision-built to your enterprise’s unique needs and mission. Helping to explore, deploy and manage innovative systems that address your requirements in cybersecurity, product design, data analytics, enterprise resource planning (ERP), recruitment, IT strategy, risk assessment, process automation and much more.

Most important, Guidehouse brings you a team whose private and public sector technology expertise cannot be replicated. We have worked with countless governments, corporations and nonprofits; leveraging technology to optimize their internal processes and supply chains, empower their employees with data-driven intelligence, and create highly customer-centric products and services.

With Guidehouse technology solutions, your mission becomes more achievable. Your people become more effective. Your challenges become considerably less challenging

Success Story

Responsive Personalized Content

Reimagining the Community Guide Website


When public health decision makers began feeling increased pressure to use evidence-based strategies, The Community Guide (TCG) knew it was time to improve how it disseminated recommendations online. Its legacy website was simply not designed to effectively aid decision makers.


Since evidence-based findings and recommendations can’t be shortened easily without making dangerous changes, we created interfaces to make the material more accessible without damaging its integrity. By taking a “mobile first” approach to the redesign, we were able to provide both timely and personalized content.

We supported TCG through: Customer journey maps, assessment of decision makers’ needs, usability tests, digital strategy, information architecture, search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics strategy, responsive user interface design and the use of open source technologies (Drupal and Apache Solr).


Guidehouse helped TCG reimagine its digital presence by providing personalized evidence-based information to users and enabling timely identification of relevant strategies. Our goal was to make TCG as accessible and as responsive as Amazon in providing users with timely, personalized content. And we did.

Technology Solutions

Cyber Security

We have a finger on the pulse of the most challenging cybersecurity and risk management issues of today. As threats multiply exponentially, Guidehouse helps put systems/safeguards in place that are tested and analyzed by our skilled team of “ethical hackers” to reduce chance of incident. Keeping sensitive information protected and enabling leadership to stay focused on the primary mission at hand.    

Digital Technologies

The digital world continues transforming by the minute; Guidehouse is ever-evolving at the forefront with solutions such as infrastructure transformation, web design and optimization, and DevOps with human centered and Agile design. Holistically, our approach begins and ends with the user to deliver a best-in-class customer experience that drives engagement and instills loyalty.

Emerging Technologies

New frontiers such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are evolving swiftly and transforming markets overnight. Guidehouse visionaries help you better understand how to utilize and integrate these technologies into your organization to make an immediate impact. All while keeping our eye on tomorrow with research and development working passionately to help your agency stay ahead of the curve.

Oracle/SAP ERP Solutions

We provide systems expertise across multiple federal cabinet levels and departments and component agencies. Whether you deploy an Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft or hybrid architecture, Guidehouse will help you achieve efficiency and visibility across every aspect of your organization and ensure that real-time information is funneled your way to make timely and informed decisions. Driven by data.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA software sits on top of your existing applications and automates manual, high-volume and repeatable tasks, so your employees can focus on value-creation and customer-facing activities. The cost of implementation is relatively low, resulting in higher ROI. Let Guidehouse walk you through the possibilities of RPA to discover reduced costs, enhanced quality and control, increased employee job satisfaction and a better customer experience.

Advanced Analytics

We combine industry-proven, cutting-edge analytic techniques with the modern technology stack to help you optimize data assets, improve operations, and most importantly, mine your data to make evidence-based decisions. From dynamic visualizations to machine learning using complex big data, Guidehouse has the answers your organization needs to transform your information into powerful insights that drive growth and reduce risk.