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Leading organizations have taken a multidisciplinary approach to managing chronic diseases with greater attention to diverse outcomes of interest to patients, families, providers, payers, and the overall community. These organizations also optimize service line structures to better support care delivery for the most common conditions.

Disease management across the continuum is key in a fee-for-service, value-based, or hybrid reimbursement environment. Successfully aligning care protocols and pathways with the patient experience across inpatient, post-acute, and ambulatory care requires thoughtful coordination to achieve desired outcomes for targeted populations.

Guidehouse helps organizations deliver more coordinated, standardized, and efficient care for the most common conditions, embedded within clinical service line strategy and operations. Our experts ensure all interventions and workflows are designed to optimize the patient experience while helping organizations develop condition specific approaches, including care pathways, policies and procedures, dashboards, and standardized order sets.

Guidehouse works with our clients to develop the clinical governance structure required to create prioritization and accountability, implement provider engagement strategies to create alignment and buy-in, and integrate technology and data applications to best optimize the process. We also create the internal and external collaborative networks required to help you deliver the right care to your patients.

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