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Healthcare organizations often face hurdles associated with effectively measuring, informing, and advancing their strategic and operational objectives using data and analytics. Through advanced analytics and automation, organizations can reduce costs and improve efficiencies and patient and employee satisfaction. As the demand for advanced technologies reaches all-time highs, it’s important to partner with a vendor who understands how to navigate the “hype” and addressing your organization’s unique needs.

Our Capabilities

Guidehouse has invested significantly in developing the teams, tools, processes, technologies, and industry partnerships that enable providers, payers, and governments to realize their analytic goals. We leverage our deep analytic capabilities and consulting services across the healthcare industry to quickly identify areas of impact and partner with clients to build custom solutions.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning: With 100-plus RPA solutions implemented across 30-plus government and commercial organizations and 25 certified RPA professionals, Guidehouse has proven RPA capabilities to help drive automation and data-driven decision-making. Our RPA team is equipped with hands-on experience developing RPA solutions and provides unparalleled knowledge of the current automation technologies.

  • Dedicated Healthcare Analytics Team: Guidehouse has built a dedicated team of 100+ analytic professionals with specialized skill sets and domain expertise leveraging standardized toolsets, advanced analytic methodologies, and state of the art business intelligence tools supporting engagements.

  • Offering Diverse Healthcare Data Assets: Guidehouse leverages a robust set of “best-in-breed” data assets, including public, purchased third-party, and proprietary datasets to serve our clients across the healthcare industry.

  • Accelerators and Analytic Tools: Guidehouse develops, maintains, and hosts a wide range of purpose-driven analytic accelerators and tools to assist our clients with revenue cycle management, Medicare ACO attribution and performance, and network retention.

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