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Physician & Clinical Integration

The need for cooperation, integration and partnership between physicians and health systems, and among physicians themselves, has never been more critical. Guidehouse’s depth in developing clinically integrated networks (CIN), physician compensation programs, care bundles, and accountable care organizations (ACOs) is unparalleled.

We are proud to work with some of the largest and most advanced organizations in the country. Our annual CIN Summit draws hospitals and health systems, physician groups, and payers to share best practices, lessons learned, and creative approaches to improve patient care and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Developing a Successful Medicare Road Map

This on-demand webinar features a panel of CIN and provider-sponsored health plan (PSHP) leaders discussing risk-readiness for Medicare ACO and bundled payment programs, Medicare Advantage, or payer-provider partnerships; operating in a blended fee-for-service and value-based environment; and achieving ACO, CIN, and PSHP revenue and margin growth.

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