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Plan for Demographic, Economic, Technological and Social Change

Plan for Demographic, Economic, Technological, and Social Change

Our evolving world requires that we change the systems and structures designed to meet the needs of communities, businesses, and visitors. Today, as we go through a period of unprecedented change, localities are faced with new challenges related to serving a growing and increasingly diverse population, responding to economic contortions and rapid technological proliferation, and operating within a constantly evolving social landscape.

In response, governments are seeking new ways to do more with their resources, from staffing to technology offerings, and identifying opportunities to hear more directly from constituents in order to provide what is most important to them. And increasingly, state, and local governments are recognizing that these changes are not simply outside factors—rather, they are trends that can be anticipated, planned for, and harnessed to nourish and enrich communities.

At Guidehouse, we understand the barriers facing our clients in achieving the change or transformation needed. From adequately considering and supporting represented staff to navigating budget cycles and procurement timelines, we know how to support clients in getting the right stakeholder input, using rigorous analysis to understand megatrends and forecast changes, and assess risks and options to build the right strategies for change.

We can help your team identify the right considerations and dependencies before they become obstacles and support the communication needed to ease anxieties and create internal and external buy-in. We can help you understand how to optimize your organization’s structure, services, and tools to meet your constituents’ needs today and tomorrow.

We help state and local governments prepare for the trends likely to materialize in their communities, five, 10, and 20 years from now. While no one can see the future, state and local governments must still prepare for it. Guidehouse works to develop the touchstones, muscle memory, and playbooks that allow state and local governments to address these issues.

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