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Plan for Demographic, Economic, Technological and Social Change

Anticipate Disruption and Design for Innovation

Our communities are going through a period of unprecedented change: a growing and increasingly diverse population, economic contortions, rapid technological proliferation, and a constantly evolving social landscape.

These trends pose challenges to state and local governments. For example, how do school districts expand to accommodate new students? And how do they adjust to a student body that is increasingly bilingual at home? How can technological change improve the way in which elder care is provided in cities? What happens to stores on Main Street when retail is now mostly conducted online? State and local governments are recognizing that these trends are not simply outside factors—rather, they are trends that can be anticipated, planned for, and harnessed to nourish and enrich communities.

Guidehouse helps state and local governments prepare for the trends likely to materialize in their communities, five, 10, and 20 years from now. While no one can see the future, state and local governments can still prepare. Guidehouse works to develop the touchstones, muscle memory, and playbooks that allow state and local governments to address these issues. Our range of experience covers the following topics:

  • Megatrend analysis and downscaling for communities
  • Long-term population and economic forecasting
  • Scenario analysis
  • Risk analysis, risk registry, and impact pathway development
  • Strategy and playbook development
  • Organizational capacity enhancement

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