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Your residents and citizens expect their governments to protect their most sensitive personal data: medical records, social security numbers, and financial information. Your constituents also probably expect you to understand them and make good use of the data they provide: asking repeatedly for the same information or being unable to make linkages of data across agencies often produces inefficiencies or frustrations.

Our team at Guidehouse has extensive data management and cybersecurity experience, providing services from strategy through execution. Our team consists of highly skilled data management and cybersecurity professionals with a range of backgrounds, including some who have been in your shoes before. Our team brings a deep understanding of relevant information security frameworks, experience working across various stages of information security transformations, and a deep pool of resources and tools to effectively provide support. We recognize both the importance of the work you do, and understand the day-to-day challenges supporting robust data management and cybersecurity programs in the public sector environment.  

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