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The public expects that government agencies will protect their most sensitive personal data, medical records, social security numbers, and financial information. Your constituents likely expect you to understand them and make good use of the data they provide, asking repeatedly for the same information or being unable to make linkages of data across agencies often produces inefficiencies or frustrations.

Widespread digital transformation has evolved data into an organizational asset requiring rigorous protection. In the criminal and dark-web communities, data is currency. Various types of data (e.g., personal information, user/password combination lists, and social security numbers) are especially valuable. Meanwhile, domestic and foreign threats to our government and infrastructure are on the rise, infiltration and malware schemes have become more sophisticated, and the technologies and data that have enabled citizen and employee conveniences are now being used against those same users.

Guidehouse has extensive data security, data privacy, and cybersecurity experience to guide you through these times. Our team consists of skilled professionals with a range of backgrounds, including some who have been in roles similar to yours, such as Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Data Officer, or Chief Privacy Officer. Our team brings a deep understanding of information security frameworks. Whether control, program, or risk frameworks—we know how to make the best use of them. Our data protection program encompasses data governance; identity, authentication, and access-control management; data security; proactive system maintenance; and business continuity and threat/incident response. From strategy through implementation or response—we have the resources and the tools to guide you. 

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