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Attract and Nurture Your Human Capital

In state and local government, your most important resource is often your people, and we understand the importance of managing and supporting your workforce. State and local government employees represent a substantial portion of the US workforce, with over 14 million people working for cities, states, counties, and other local government entities.

At Guidehouse, we believe that Human Resources is not a transactional function, but rather a strategic partner that supports the foundation of any organization—its people. Traditional HR functions have long supported day-to-day tactical activities, such as payroll, HR policies and compliance, and benefits. With many more organizations faced with employee issues, it is imperative that organizations focus on attracting and retaining talent to execute the organization’s mission and initiatives, and prepare for the next wave of leaders through proper succession planning and knowledge transfer.

Whether it is an organizational redesign, an internal change management project, or an HR transformation, we view talent transformation from the perspective of the employee. We have extensive experience helping governments across the full life cycle of talent management, including recruitment, hiring, onboarding, development, and retention. 

Our experience includes design, development, and implementation of programs to improve employee experiences and create incentives programs that empower employees to perform at their best. We utilize various tools such as employee surveys, HR systems and mobile applications, and innovative methods for employee onboarding. We specialize in employee research, human-centered design, modern development practices, and emerging technologies. Most importantly, we work with you to make sure changes stick. For all of our projects, we start from a point of empathy, and utilize change management principles and techniques. It’s this people-first philosophy that inspires desire for change and the willingness to stay engaged and committed to the collective vision.

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