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Streamline Services Delivery to be Responsive to the Needs of Our Residents and Constituents

Optimize Our Services Around Citizen Experience

We have all heard the buzzwords—“citizen-centric,” “citizen-driven,” and “digital government”—but seldom see them in action when we interact with government services. We mail in paper forms rather than providing information online. We update our driver’s license with our new address, but then our voter registration still has our old address. We wait in lines. We wait on the phone. We wait for mail. We think, “There must be a better way.”

All over the world, companies and organizations are using empathetic, user-centered tools to design better apps, to sell products, to connect with customers. Why can’t you do the same for your organization? Why can’t public sector entities use tried-and-true commercial approaches to developing a better experience, one that is easy, intuitive, and makes sense to your customer?

We believe it is critically important to look at services from the point of view of the customer and can help your team put themselves in the shoes of your constituents. Journey mapping and other tools to drive customer-centricity can help agencies and organizations better understand constituents’ needs, the series of interactions and touchpoints that are necessary to fulfill those needs, and the resulting emotional states a constituent experiences throughout the process. We can help organizations and your employees connect to and understand what is working, what isn’t, and how you can better reach those you seek to serve.

We also know that at all levels of government, change is hard, and oftentimes for good reasons. Dramatic changes in how state and local governments conduct business can create confusion, errors, or lapses in service. But that doesn’t mean that processes should never change: we know that your processes, whether they are internally facing or publicly facing, must evolve in order to solve new challenges. We can help you with internal business process redesigns or external customer experience projects. We can help you reduce costs, streamline delivery, and measure results over time. 

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