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Streamline Services Delivery to be Responsive to the Needs of Our Residents and Constituents

Develop a Customer-Centric Approach to Delivering Services

Policies and programs designed by governments are only effective if they meet the needs of the residents and citizens they serve. Despite the best intentions, many governments develop or deploy programs based on their own understanding of a problem or based on a history of delivering services in a certain way. They often ignore the ever-changing needs of their constituents. Many parts government have dedicated efforts to integrate human-centered design (HCD) principles into their problem-solving, but still, many state and local governments develop services or programs without truly integrating the voices of their stakeholders—residents, citizens, or other constituents, including internal users and government employees—in their process to better understand their needs. Oftentimes, “customer-centric” services are focused on simply refining digital tools or websites for constituent use.

Maintaining and developing a deep understanding of customer needs is critical to deliver more effective services, and constituents’ voices and needs should be at the forefront of all program and policy developments. We can help your team connect with your constituents through empathetic analytic tools like persona development and journey mapping, as well as facilitated visioning sessions, focus groups, and surveys. We can assist you in better understanding your constituents’ needs, the series of interactions and touchpoints that are necessary to fulfill those needs, and the resulting emotional states a constituent experiences throughout the process.

Leveraging this in-depth understanding of constituents and their needs, government organizations and employees can better understand what is working, what isn’t, and how you can better reach those you seek to serve. Through better connections to your constituents, we can help you develop stronger programs, more efficient services, and better results for all involved. 

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