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Research from around the globe shows a consistent pattern of failures in public sector policy and project implementation. A PwC Study of more than 10,000 projects found that a small fraction of organizations (only 2.5%) successfully completed 100% of their projects. The rest either failed to meet some of their original targets or missed the original budget or deadlines. Given their unique requirements and environment, state and local government programs have higher exposure to this risk.

Government programs are funded and run with the expectation that they deliver specific outcomes for their constituents. However, many programs fail due to poor planning at the initial stages. Too often, large programs have unmanaged or ineffective financial, operational, and compliance risks in the new environment. In the case of technology programs, the technical solution (or the delivery approach) may not produce the expected benefits, and post go-live organization structures may not support the required operations.

Our team has worked with various state and local government programs to successfully execute multibillion-dollar programs from beginning to end, as well as to turn around failing programs by restructuring them. Guidehouse works with our clients to ensure that programs are structured and set up to deliver the strategic objectives intended, and address stakeholder needs in a tangible and impactful manner.

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