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The State & Local Government Advisory Team

State and local governments make decisions every day that impact the way we live. Decisions about housing, transportation, education, sanitation, economic development, and labor are often enacted at the state or local level, impacting us daily in ways seen and unseen. For the economy to grow and living standards to rise, city and state leaders must constantly evolve policies and programs, responding to ever-changing needs of their residents and constituents.

Our team of consultants at Guidehouse is passionate about supporting state and local governments and enabling them to deliver better services to residents, businesses, and visitors. Guidehouse is a leader in helping cities and states assess their current processes and risks and enabling programs, processes, and technology. Our services cover strategy through execution for our clients’ critical needs. We work with senior officials all over the country to develop and implement innovative strategies that deliver lasting results. Across many states and cities, we partner with leaders ready to achieve better performance and secure a brighter future for their communities.

How We Can Help:

Revitalize Our Economy and Grow Our Competitive Advantage
Workday Implementation
Create Climate-Smart Communities Decoupled from Carbon
Plan for Demographic, Economic, Technological and Social Change
Build Resilience, Respond to Disasters, and Adapt for the Future
Win the Trust of Our Citizens by Managing High-Profile Complex Projects
Attract and Nurture Your Human Capital
Be Effective Stewards of Public Funds
Manage and Protect Your Data
Streamline Services Delivery to be Responsive to the Needs of Our Residents and Constituents
Utilize Technology to Improve Service Outcomes
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