Moving to a DevSecOps Framework: Why a Cultural Shift Is Critical to Success

DevSecOps combines the three pillars of software development, security, and IT operations into a new delivery model. It is the evolution of DevOps, which brought development and operations into alignment but kept security on the perimeter as a separate function. By integrating security as a key pillar in the development process from the start, DevSecOps ensures that software is developed securely from its inception. 

DevSecOps incorporates robust software security with the advantages of Agile methodology and development practices, always-on and available-anywhere cloud computing platforms, and shared data throughout the entire information technology lifecycle. Solution providers have created a strong fabric of support tools and applications for DevSecOps that can help bring almost any legacy, siloed operation into the present day. But just as other revolutions in manufacturing, distribution, and quality-assurance practices took time to propagate, DevSecOps has not yet been adopted everywhere. 

That is because the tools and technologies are only a small part of the transformation. Shifting to a methodology that prioritizes integrated security, rapid experimentation, and continuous communication requires a cultural shift as well. DevSecOps represents a significant evolution in workflow and management styles, but it is a shift that will reward them with more efficient development cycles and more resilient software. Change management practices from experienced DevSecOps discipline partners, such as the professionals at Guidehouse, can help smooth the individual and collaborative paths to success in this emerging discipline. 

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