The U.S. Marine Corps' Clean Audit Opinion

Featuring Greg Koval, Assistant Deputy Commandant, Resources, U.S. Marine Corps

In this episode of the "All Things Financial Management" podcast, presented by the Society of Defense Financial Management (SDFM) and Guidehouse, Greg Koval, Assistant Deputy Commandant, Resources in the United States Marine Corps sat down with host Tom Rhoads to discuss the latest ongoings in the financial management space. The pair discuss Koval’s path to his current role, lessons learned at the Marine Corps that can be applied to DoD as a whole, and advice for young professionals and more. Listen to this new episode to gain valuable insight.




Greg Koval's Story

Tom Rhoads: Today with us on our podcast, we have Mr. Koval, the Assistant Deputy Commandant, Resources, at the Marine Corps. Thanks for being with us today, Mr. Koval.

Greg Koval: Thanks, Tom, for having me. Appreciate it. Thanks to ASMC (*now known as SDFM) for everything they do. 

Tom Rhoads: We've really been looking forward to this version of our podcast and excited to hear the Marine Corps' journey and also your personal journey. And to start, would you mind taking a few minutes and just share with us your background and what brought you to your current position? And in other words, maybe just tell us your story.

Greg Koval:  Sure. Starting back in college, I always had an interest in accounting and economics and IT to some degree. So I graduated from college as an accounting and economics double major. Wanted to take the economics track, but somehow I found myself in accounting, and that's what I do to this day. I've had a rather unconventional path, I think, to the Assistant Deputy Commandant for Resources position. 

I actually spent most of my career in the private sector, so about 18 years before I joined the government as a civilian. Ironically, my first government job was with Marine Corps Programs and Resources as a fiscal division director, which oversees audit, accounting, financial reporting, A-123, all of that great stuff. And from there I took an SES position with the Department of the Navy as the Deputy Director or Chief Accounting Officer of DON FMO. 


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