Where Should the New Administration Focus?

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As part of our #ImplementingChangeThatLasts series, we asked the Guidehouse national security team – more than 700 professionals with a passion for supporting the mission of the national security sector – to rank and comment on the national security challenges facing the new Administration. 

Our team cited change management/culture change and the budget as the top two implementation challenges, with Christopher D. Smith noting that “clear direction, synchronization, and execution will be the only way to establish the foundation for effecting real and sustainable change.”

The topic of budget was one that came up frequently during our Presidential Transitions podcast mini-series from last fall, with nearly all speakers touching on the importance of understanding and optimizing the budget process.  

In addition to asking the team to rank implementation challenges, we also asked what steps the new Administration should take to lay the foundation for effective implementation. A third of our respondents named meaningful decision-making structures and measuring progress towards outcomes as key areas of focus.

Rebecca Ames suggested that the Administration “…ensure performance by optimizing organizational structures, ensuring consistent and transparent decision-making criteria and processes, and integrating metrics tracking and feedback loops. These will go a long way to create the conditions that produce success, measurable progress, efficiency, accountability, and innovation.” 

Our team’s narrative responses echo several key themes we’ve explored in the #ImplementingChangeThatLasts series to date. Their comments focused on developing efficient organizational structures, putting in place strong governance and change management models that incorporate stakeholders at all levels, and taking the time to define, measure and report on key performance indicators.  





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