Moving Forward
Without Fear

Guidehouse provides your agency a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions to ensure an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape doesn’t compromise your agency’s growth, mission or invaluable assets. Identifying and assessing the specific risks you face while arming your team with powerful tools and technologies for potent tactical response.


Avoiding Risk While Embracing It

Your agency faces risk every moment of every day. Many of these risks are predictable, relatively benign and easy to avoid. But cyber threats have become more stealthy and insidious. Supply chains have become more sophisticated. Regulations have become more complicated. All while your data assets have become much, much more valuable.

Today, putting a holistic risk management plan in place is an absolute must for your organization. Guidehouse can help you create and implement this plan the specific tools needed to address the specific risks you encounter (cyber, financial, operational, reputational, market, regulatory, supply chain and more).

Backed by extraordinary industry expertise and AI-powered analytics, your Guidehouse consultants can help you not just respond to risk, but use it as a catalyst for organizational transformation. While others shy from complex challenges, your agency can learn to embrace them. Guidehouse will help your team will become stronger, more efficient and more agile. Making them precisely the right people to have on your side in this risky, rapidly transforming digital world.

Success Story

Open Source Solutions (OSS)


One of our key government clients was unaware of many of the third parties embedded in its supply chain – vendors and distributors several steps removed from its primary supplier. Fortunately, our expertise in supply chain risk management gives Guidehouse an edge in helping clients to better understand the potential risk of ancillary business entities in their supply chain.


Guidehouse identified third parties for our client and applied a risk-based approach in conducting due diligence research and analysis on the key entities of most concern.


With more information now available through open source and social media, Guidehouse has built and continues to evolve our capability for storing, processing, leveraging and analyzing this data to extract actionable knowledge. Leveraging these cutting-edge capabilities, Guidehouse was able to identify an entity with extremely significant risk factors of which our client was unaware. This allowed the client to immediately take steps to mitigate the potential risk.

Risk Solutions

Enterprise Risk Management

Whatever your strategic objectives, a clear view of risk factors enhances your decision-making capability and ability to drive greater value in your organization. The experienced team at Guidehouse will help you manage risk by custom-building your risk management program, setting strategy and providing tools that can be applied consistently across your organization. Providing a portfolio-wide view of relevant risks, how they interconnect and a response plan for dealing with them.

Cyber Risk Management

Ever-evolving cyber threats and increasing regulatory scrutiny suggest that organizations need to take a proactive approach toward cyber risk management. Guidehouse can help you implement a strategic program that addresses specific risks to your organization, identifies new threats and includes a cyber-incident response plan with robust communications plan. Of the many frameworks and resources available, we will help you implement the ones best suited to your risk level and organizational needs.

Supply Chain Risk Management

As the complexity of supply chains and extended networks increase, the need grows for an analytics-driven risk management system that can turn detailed vendor data into valuable insights. By partnering with Guidehouse and implementing robust supply chain risk management, your organization can realize potential cost savings, reduce exposure to fraud and negative media, and become more resilient to supply chain disruptions.

Open Source Risk Analysis

Active risk analysis is a critical component of your organization’s risk management plan. Guidehouse helps you consider the advantages of powerful open source analytical tools. Open source applications scale quickly, have been tested thoroughly and are frequently inexpensive (or free). Whether you’re identifying risks, analyzing them or implementing controls; consider the flexibility of Guidehouse’s open source capabilities.

Enterprise Risk Management

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