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Guidehouse’s team of subject matter experts operate where policy, technologies, and markets for energy-using products intersect. We help clients understand and meet the challenges associated with improving energy efficiency in the built environment.

How We Help

  • Research & Development
    We work with clients to identify, prioritize, and evaluate research and development (R&D) activities to ensure funds are directed toward the most critical opportunities and that portfolios are optimized. Numerous government agencies have relied on Guidehouse-developed R&D roadmaps to guide their investments.
  • Commercialization Support
    Guidehouse’s experts serve as trusted advisors in developing strategies to capture opportunities created by the clean energy ecosystem. Our strategy and market assessments enable clients to understand current market conditions and future trends for clean energy technologies. 
  • Technology Promotion & Support
    Our expertise in advanced technologies helps clients understand the impacts of emerging technologies in the clean energy landscape. By leveraging our insights in market, technological, and regulatory trends and drivers, we help clients promote market uptake of advanced clean energy technologies.
  • Codes & Standards
    We provide clients with the tools to propel energy efficiency policy. With increasing pressure for resource conservation and awareness of the environmental impacts of energy-consuming products, our clients can weigh comprehensive, long-term benefits and costs of moving markets toward higher efficiencies.
  • Energy Efficient Portfolio Management
    Guidehouse combines our knowledge of energy efficiency in the built environment with our strong capabilities in portfolio and program management to help clients improve the footprint of their holdings. We provide strategic support, integrated scheduling, performance tracking, budget management, and risk management, allowing portfolio owners to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings.

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