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Energy Transition Financing

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With the emergence of a more distributed, intelligent energy ecosystem, Guidehouse anticipates the sector’s economic value to shift from traditional generation to a downstream service. This will affect the valuation of assets, calling for entirely new business models and financing strategies. Our experts help clients understand these new opportunities, mitigate risk, and capture value in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.

How We Help

  • Climate Risk
    We help clients assess climate risk in credit and investment portfolios globally and partner with them to develop lower carbon strategies.
  • Investor M&A Support
    Our team provides a timely perspective on market and commercial due diligence, focusing on infrastructure assets, low carbon development platforms, energy retail and distribution businesses, and growth-stage businesses. We have conducted hundreds of assessments on behalf of investors.
  • Investor Engagement
    Guidehouse combines trusted financial sector experience with deep expertise in sustainability to provide innovative and relevant advice to clients across strategy and implementation toward a low carbon future.
  • Deal Identification
    Our global network of advisors and analysts supports leaders across the energy transition ecosystem, delivering focused insights into capital requirements and investment needs.

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