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Guidehouse partners with energy providers to improve costs and performance. Our Generation Knowledge Service (GKS) databases enable O&M cost, performance, and staffing benchmarking for fossil, hydro, and wind power plants. We also provide O&M and asset management consulting to address performance gaps and optimize fleet asset mix strategies, and clients also use our MicroGADS software to collect and report generation performance data. 

How We Help

  • Performance Benchmarking
    We work with clients to confirm key performance measures and value levers, identify cost/performance gaps through benchmarking, and analyze financial and operating performance versus business practices. Our experts can pinpoint gaps and identify quick wins to improve performance.
  • Improvement Actions Development
    Our team can define the advantages, risks, and potential costs and benefits of specific improvements and scenarios and conduct thorough analyses to identify any potential obstacles or contingencies. We help clients identify future key metrics to measure performance and articulate the value proposition of specific recommendations, improving risk assessment and prioritizing areas for improvement.
  • Implementation Planning & Execution Support
    We develop strategy roadmaps, resource mapping, communication plans, and implementation plans to help clients achieve performance objectives. We assist with vendor selection, project management, change management, business process development, and trainings.

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