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Guidehouseā€™s sustainability management platform, Papaya, streamlines GHG management


Calls for climate action are building, and businesses are under more pressure than ever to create robust ESG programs and decarbonize their supply chains. Managing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), however, is a time-intensive process, requiring data collection and reporting from many parts of the business.

PapayaTM, Guidehouse’s sustainability management platform, streamlines GHG management by connecting key stakeholders and providing transparency through an enterprise-ready, cloud-based, digital platform. Customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, Papaya combines Guidehouse's 30+ years of experience in sustainability consulting with digital expertise powered by Salesforce®.

Because of our experience with a variety of clients, including multinational corporations, we understand the recurring challenges of collecting activity data and identifying the right emission factors. We developed Papaya with this in mind to standardize the tracking of complex emissions data, create transparency in global supply chains, and simplify reporting requirements.


Key Features

  • Robust GHG calculation
    Papaya offers comprehensive Scope 1, 2, and 3 footprinting, including tracking and abatement planning, and CDP-aligned reporting.
  • Legacy system integration
    Papaya integrates directly with existing data systems and can be configured to provide custom ESG metrics.
  • Flexible data exports
    The system provides the ability to easily export data, dashboards, and charts so you can visualize your company’s data and progress.
  • Custom portals for data input and output
    Papaya offers customizable portals accessible to all stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, and manufacturers, to reduce manual data collection efforts.

Whether you’re just getting started or are taking your GHG management journey to the next level, Papaya can help. Contact Guidehouse’s experts today to see how our decarbonization platform can help your business create and reach its emissions reductions goals.

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