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Guidehouse’s risk management consultants help energy providers manage critical reliability and security risks to their systems. With insight on the latest trends, technologies, and industry knowledge, we not only help our clients prepare for compliance obligations, but we also help drive the effectiveness and efficiency of all reliability and security-related programs and processes.

How We Help

  • Cyber and Physical Security
    We provide solutions that address an increasing demand to prevent cyber and physical incidents, along with protecting and integrating IT and OT assets. Our solution helps clients address cybersecurity risk management, vulnerability assessments, and supply chain risk management.
  • NERC Reliability and Security Compliance
    We help clients review and improve their overall compliance program through comprehensive and continuous improvement. This improvement is evidenced by program maturity, more efficient operations, reduction of manual processes, and the introduction of metrics for tracking effectiveness.  We engage in all facets of the compliance cycle, including benchmarking and risk assessment, program design and implementation, and audit preparation and remediation.
  • NERC Reliability and Security Program Development and Implementation
    We provide comprehensive, step-by-step design of compliance processes and program implementation. This offering provides the most support to organizations creating compliance programs by leveraging customized tools and process automation.

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