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Guidehouse partners with energy providers to deliver technical, economic, and strategic analyses of current and future transmission needs and operational requirements. As the energy system transforms, the value and use of the bulk transmission system is rapidly shifting. We understand how to maximize the value of legacy assets, how to operate in an increasingly complex power system, and how to evaluate when new transmission is needed.

How We Help

  • Utility Transmission Support
    Guidehouse helps utilities understand changing regulatory requirements for transmission and how to maximize the value of existing transmission systems.
  • Renewables Integration and Interconnection Solutions
    We help utilities adapt to the increasing complexity of operating the power system and maintaining reliability with increased intermittent and distributed generation.
  • Economic Transmission Transaction Support
    Our team can help developers, investors, and sellers evaluate the wholesale economic value of potential transmission lines. We understand the drivers that impact transmission value, and can provide both an independent market assessment and scenario analysis of upside and downside risk. 
  • Interconnection Studies
    Across North America, Guidehouse supports balancing authorities and developers in their interconnection studies for the transmission requirements of new generation construction.
  • Operational and Planning Analysis
    Guidehouse has the experience and capabilities to support any type of planning study or operational assessment. Our team has performed many transmission planning studies, long-range planning studies, transient stability assessments, fault current assessments, and other related analyses.

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